The AES community is really looking forward to the Year of the Ox.

Although our school has responded well to the disruption resulting from the pandemic rules and regulations, AES students and staff have demonstrated and achieved success and strength through the way everyone has adapted and adopted to the new requirements of learning and being prepared to make the best of our situation, wherever we are and no matter the circumstances. We expect great success for our students this school year. 

(AES Leadership sends New Year greetings to all AES teachers, staff, parents and students)

 This year will be the largest class of Grade 12 students presenting for graduation of the Vietnamese Secondary Diploma. Thirty-two (32) students will sit the national secondary final year examinations.

This is the first year of the Victorian Certificate of Education program (VCE). Twenty-eight (28) students are enrolled in this first ever VCE program in the history of international education in Vietnam. Sixteen (16) Grade 12 students will sit the VCE examination this year.

These are just two (2) examples of the growth and development of our school.

The second semester of our 2020- 2021 school year coincides with the Vietnamese Lunar Calendar - the Year of the Ox. Oxen is the second animal out of 12. Oxen are honest and earnest. They are low key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention. This often hides their talent, but they gain recognition through their hard work.

This description of the character traits of the Ox neatly fits our students as they apply themselves to their studies, work diligently and seek to excel at their learning.

Historically, in folklore, our ancestors had a concept that the “Ox is inheritance” which is a friendly animal to people, especially the farmers. Thanks to its physical strength and tireless hard work, the ox has helped people to plough and produce material wealth.

Our school community also represents many of the characteristics of the Ox, parents and teachers patiently working together to nurture the development of skills, knowledge, and talents of our students during their time at AES.

As we continue this important task of building and developing our students to become fine, young Vietnamese leaders and citizens we wish all of our AES and CISS community every happiness and success for the Vietnamese TET season and a very healthy and prosperous new year 2021.


And let's listen to the greetings that Mr. Ian Wilson sent to the AES community in the coming year of the New Ox here


Ian Wilson
Albert Einstein School