Notice about Corona #February1


To our CISS Community - Staff, Students and CISS Families


As our schools ready to open on Monday, February 3, we met this morning with Operations Staff and will continue to meet over the weekend to keep abreast of information from SOS International, The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Vietnamese Department and Ministry of Education and Training (DoET and MoET).


As of this morning, Saturday, February 1, the DoET has dictated that all students are to wear a protective mask at school. All CISS staff and students are expected to follow this directive. Please ensure your child arrives at school with a mask. Note that in the case of our youngest children it is not always possible to find a mask that fits.


Each employee and student will be admitted at the school gates for temperature checking. Because of the volume of arrivals, we ask that parents, nannies and guardians arriving with students drop the children at the gate. CVK Staff are working on procedures for any adult accompanying a child.


The CISS PR department is updating school websites and Facebook pages with information from the WHO and school procedures.


Important Reminders to Families


Please remind your children to

  • Wash hands before every class and before meals .
  • Not share snacks/ food or utensils/ drinking glasses with each other.
  • Not to touch their face (mouth, nose, eyes) with unwashed hands.

Updated Procedures for Health Checks


A child with a temperature at or above 37.8° will be taken to the nurse’s office. After a second temperature check, if a fever exists, the child will be sent home immediately and must see a doctor.


Additionally, all students who exhibit any symptoms of a respiratory illness (e.g., cough, runny nose, sore throat, difficulty breathing) will be referred to the Nurse’s Office.  The Nurse will do a detailed assessment and history to determine if the child should be sent home.


Once sent home, a child may return to school after being fever free/symptom-free for 48 hours – without the use of fever-reducing medication or provide medical clearance from a doctor before returning to school. The child will need to be screened by the Nurse and/or the medical certificate reviewed by the Nurse before returning to the classroom.


Should you have any questions, or concerns, I encourage you to contact me or my assistant, Vi Huynh